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How to Prepare Chaga Mushroom to Drink as a Tea

The Chaga mushroom has been rated as the most powerful herb on the whole planet (read my last post called “Chaga – A Gift from God”). It has been part of northern cultures for over 5000 years and is revered for its many healing capabilities. Personally, in all my years of trying and testing superfoods I have never witnessed such a powerful antioxidant. You can feel its effects within a half hour of drinking just one cup of the tea.


A larger Chaga broken up for air drying

I found it interesting that Chaga was discovered with the Otzi Ice Man who had been mummified in the ice of the Italian Alpine Mountains for over 5000 years. Scientists figure Otzi  used the Chaga to light fires, but knowing that many ancient European indigenous mountain people also used Chaga as a healing tea, I think he may have used the mushroom for more than one purpose. Chaga has also been documented in Chinese folklore for nearly 4600 years and was used as medicinal herb to prolong life, maintain youthful appearance and increase vitality. As you can see, Chaga has a long documented history of being used in northern cultures for numerous reasons. Chaga has been scientifically tested to show that it has components of its complex makeup which can actually reduce cancer tumors.

For more information on the science behind Chaga visit the Chaga Mushroom Guide by clicking on this link.

Once you have collected your Chaga mushroom from birch trees and dried it for a few days, you can grind it up and begin preparing your tea. Chaga can be drunk hot or cold and the flavor does not change. Unlike other mushrooms, Chaga has no real flavor other than a slight hint of vanilla. It does not matter how long you steep the tea as it only becomes darker, just be careful not to overheat it. The tea contains no caffeine and does not upset stomachs that could be sensitive to caffeinated beverages.

One of the first things people notice with drinking the tea is that their breathing becomes improved, their energy levels increase and they have more mental clarity. Long term use (daily for more than 2 weeks) you will experience improvement in your bowel movements and may notice softer skin. I have found that people drinking Chaga tea do not sun burn as they normally would because of the high levels of Melanin in the tea.


Chaga has been proven to lower blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels, have anti-parasitic capabilities and is an adaptogenic drink which basically means if your auto-immune system is out of whack it will bring it back to proper levels.

The key to preparing Chaga tea is to pay attention to the temperature at which you

Slow hand grinding to make Chaga powder

process it. If you raise the temperature over 125 degrees Fahrenheit you may destroy much of the Melanin, Polysaccharides and other active ingredients. This is why I choose to use a hand grinder to make the powder for the tea as opposed to using an electric grinder, coffee grinder or food processor. It is a little more labor intensive but the end product is much more powerful, I find.

Chaga Powder looks like ground coffee

After grinding I allow the powder to dry for another day, mixing it occasionally to give it even drying. Once dried the powder can be sealed in vacuum bags to be preserved for many years or simply put into a sealed jar and stored in a dark cool place. The powder looks like ground coffee.


To make the tea, heat spring water up slowly to under 125F degrees and add the powder, let it stand for at least 15 minutes to steep and then pour it off into a cup using a strainer to collect the grounds. If you need to boil your water because of where you live, allow the water to cool down below 125F degrees as to not damage the vital complexity of the Chaga. Return the grounds to the pot as they can be re-used 3-5 times. We use a 2 liter old Pyrex coffee pot to heat the water up in, add the loose powder (2 Teaspoons) and then steep it. As we use a cup or two we top the pot up again and leave it on low heat on the stove. As the tea becomes lighter in color we simply add another teaspoon of powder. When I say “teaspoon”, I do not mean one of those measuring spoons but a real one that you would use for stirring your coffee.

A pot of Chaga tea

In the picture I am demonstrating the use of a one liter loose grind coffee pot which has a built in strainer. It works very well also.


At the end of the day, we put any left over tea into a glass jar and refrigerate it. Chaga tea has the same flavor hot or cold and makes a delightful cold drink as well. You can keep your Chaga tea in the refrigerator for up to 14 days. You only need 1-3 cups per day to improve and maintain your health.

After you have used the grounds enough times, you can then put the grounds into a jar with vodka and allow it to sit for 2 weeks in a dark place. The alcohol breaks down the waxy membrane around some of the Chaga cells and it releases even more of its nutrients. Remove the grinds from the Vodka and make another tea with them.

Chaga vodka can now be purchased in Russia as  health drink. I guess that would be a happy health drink, “Honest dear, it’s for medicinal purposes.”

I have friends who serve the tea, which is 100% safe, to their children. Chaga does not contain any caffeine and teenagers love it because it gives them an energy boost and mental clarity.

Cautionary Notes;

If you make your tea using water that is too hot, it will take on a slight burnt flavor. I believe this is the taste when the Melanin and other active ingredients have been killed off. I have tried some of the condensed Chaga powder extracts which are out there and I have noticed this same burnt taste to their product. I can only think, the more anything living is processed, the more we take away its natural healing abilities. The same would hold true for the vegetables and fruits from your garden, the more they are cooked the more we kill the nutrition in them.

If you are diabetic and using insulin you will want to closely monitor your blood sugar levels as Chaga tea naturally lowers or raises blood sugars because of its adaptogenic properties.

If you are currently being medicated using blood thinners, you will need to monitor this closely with your doctor as Chaga tea is a natural blood cleanser and has even been shown to lower cholesterol levels in as little as 14 days.

If you have plugged up intestinal lining from all the years of poor eating, you may find yourself going to the bathroom more often. From what I have been told, in a properly working digestive system, we should really be having 3 bowel movements per day anyway.

To Purchase our high quality Chaga tea Powder click on the link below,

Chaga Tea Kit

50 gram vacuum sealed bag for $15 plus shipping. Fifty grams will make over 200 cups of tea. There is no fancy packaging just tea , draw string tea bags and an information sheet. Brewing directions are on the top label.  I will guarantee you the Chaga has been sustainingly harvested to protect this valuable resource and the powder has been processed to the highest of standards to preserve the delicate balance of the medicinal compounds.


Have a Happier, Healthier, more Prosperous Day.


p.s. Please share this link.

Chaga – “A Gift From God”?!

For the past 12 years I have been taking super food and super anti oxidant supplements and I have never witnessed anything as powerful as this. I eat super foods because we live in a super polluted world, breathing toxic air, drinking toxic water from plastic bottles, eating toxic ‘chemistry experiments’ for foods and lathering our bodies with toxic chemical ridden personal care products. If you are not detoxifying your body you will develop any number of a host of thousands of diseases that fill your body with pain and illness.

This past year I have been spending my time researching and discovering many of the powerful foods that are right in my back yard. I believe we have the ability to change any physical challenges we may have and the answers are never too far from own homes depending on where you live. Perhaps I should point out that I live in a rural area far from the pollution of urban centers.

When I started this journey to regain my health over 12 years ago I would never have imagined it would lead me right back to my own yard and the discovery of the world’s most powerful herb. I know most people are looking to improve their health, overcome pain, feel vitality and slow the aging process. Many are looking for miracle cures which will help them with their afflictions and many never find them.

I have often said in this blog, “There are no miracle pills, there is only the miracle of your body healing itself when we provide it with the proper nutrition and the proper emotional environment”. But lately, I have discovered something that is so natural and so powerful I find it hard to believe we have missed this herb for so many years and it can truly perform miracles within our body.

A bit of history, this past summer we ran a workshop through our Holistic Health Harvest Conference and had David Wolfe as our guest speaker. As you may be aware, David Wolfe is world renowned for his work in the nutrition field.  Here is a man that has traveled the whole world searching for the purest of spring waters and the most powerful ‘Super Foods’ nature has to offer us. David, really opened my eyes when he stated, we here in Northern Ontario, live in one of the purest places in the world. The Canadian Shield with its purest of artesian springs and all its medicinal herbs growing in our pioneer forests cannot be found in many other places on the planet. His presentation went on to include all of these wonderful herbs and foods which I have been walking past my whole life without any consideration. But there was one herb in particular which caught my attention above all the others, to the point where, the day after the workshop I went searching for this “King of the Herbs”, Chaga.

Growing up in the country I was familiar with using Chaga as a fire starter (Tinderwood) but I had no knowledge that we could be using this wild mushroom for the powerful healing properties it contains.

Chaga is a charcoal looking mass that grows on around 1 in 5000 of the white or yellow

Chaga growing on a birch tree

birch trees in our area. It takes over 20 years to grow and it extracts some of the most powerful compounds from the pioneer (birch) trees that can be found. The two compounds which interested me the most were Melanin and Betulinic Acid.


Betulinic Acid is being studied for use as a chemotherapy agent to reduce tumors without any side effects or causing damage to healthy cells. Since the early 1960’s, Russia, has used Chaga extract as part of their natural cancer treatment. For thousands of years Chaga tea has been used by the local peoples of the Siberian Mountains for the treatment of cancer and other diseases. Due to their regular consumption of Chaga, many of these indigenous people have been documented to live for over 100 years, illness free. Chaga is used as a tea, smoke cleansing and rubbed on rashes and wounds to promote healing.


The second component of the Chaga which intrigued me, Melanin, is needed by our bodies

Chaga showing outside and inside makeup

to give us healthy skin and is responsible for the absorption of UV rays. Melanin absorbs over 99% of Ultra Violet rays which can burn our skin and harm our bodies. It then converts UV into Vitamin ‘D’ in our bodies. Vitamin ‘D’ is being hailed as our most powerful Vitamin because it rebuilds and maintains our autoimmune system. Hundreds of scientific studies have been conducted as to why we so desperately need this important vitamin on a daily basis. Melanin is a major building block needed for our health and longevity.


On the Chaga mushroom the black hard charcoal looking outside is where the most Melanin exists. The inner corky looking substance is where higher levels of the Betulinic acid can be found.

It is the inner corky part that we use to start and carry fire with. It does not flame because

Using Chaga for carrying fire or as an incense

of the absence of vapors and gases. When sparked it will merely glow and give off heat which is enough to build a fire around. The Chaga smoke is a very mild incense smell and fills your home with a light fragrance close to the smell of sandalwood incense. Although I am not sure of the healing properties of the smoke, I do know that it does not appear to effect or aggravate any breathing problems. I have never been able to be in a room with fragrances of any kind as they bother my lungs and sinus. It is wonderful that I can finally fill the home with this lovely fragrance and not be effected in any way.


I guess you are wondering just what this powerful can do for you? There are many claims on the internet about this mushroom but I wanted to speak to you from my own personal experience and the experiences of others who I have shared this with. If you want to check out other claims, the best source I have found is the Chaga Mushroom Guide website at .


David Wolfe

Or, you can pick up a copy of David Wolfe’s “Chaga King of the Medicinal Herbs” book by clicking this link.






As I stated earlier, taking super foods and super antioxidants is something I have been consuming for the past 12 years. I am sent and given product samples by hundreds of different health & wellness companies from across North America for evaluation. When I was regaining my health years ago, super food products would make me feel different inside, but since 2005 not much has had a noticeable physical effect on my body. I know we have to have foods high in antioxidants to maintain or regain our health so I have never stopped eating the proper foods or supplementing my diet in some way. I feel great and rarely get any sort of a cold or flu, but I do have a condition in my body that has given me physical challenges for the past 34 years. Thirty four years ago my lungs and sinus were burned and scarred by walking through a Nitric Acid cloud which flooded parts of a  factory where I worked. Since that time I have had challenges with my ability to breath properly and become winded very easily.

In October of this year I drank Chaga tea for the first time. I could hardly believe that within 15 minutes my breathing became noticeably easier. It just so happened that this time of the year was a peak time for people suffering colds and coughs. Quite a few people I know were suffering from this ‘six-week-cold’ that was going around. The cold was brutal on the respiratory system and also plugged your sinuses up so I shared some Chaga tea with them and noticed that within 15-20 minutes their symptoms improved greatly even with those suffering from allergy symptoms. As we shared the tea with more and more people we began hearing more and more stories of how they had greater mental clarity, higher energy levels, and were now experiencing regular bowel movements again. I must say I was noticing the very same reactions in myself too. It was always funny to watch their faces as they drank the tea, “Is this going to taste like mushrooms or tree bark?” would be their first question as they scrunched their faces up. All I would say is, “You are going to be surprised”. Chaga tea tastes like nothing more than water with an extremely light hint of vanilla, quite good really.

What interests me about all the energy this tea gives you is that it is 100% natural with no caffeine, no sugars, no added ingredients just the complex makeup of compounds within the powerful mushroom itself. It has already been perfected in nature and requires no additional processing or additives to make it taste good or to give you a jolt.


Small Chaga


Harvesting Chaga is a very simple process once you find one. They can range in size from the size of the palm of your hand and I have collected them as big as 35 pounds. A big Chaga will nourish your whole family and friends for a year or better. You cannot mistake it from any other mushroom or fungus growing in the forest. Number one they only grow on birch trees. The outside of the Chaga looks like hard black charcoal and once removed from the tree the interior looks like cork. To remove a Chaga from a birch tree I simply chop it with my axe around the top of the conch in 3 places and then peel it away from the tree. I scrape any remaining cork looking parts from the tree into a bag and take the whole thing back to my house for drying. You may want to wash the outside lightly with water to remove any dirt from the outside although it is not always necessary. I like to collect mine after a good rain.


Small Chaga broken into chunks

Take the Chaga break it into smaller pieces and allow it to air dry for a few days. After it has dried you can run it through a hand grinder or break it up in a mortar and pestle. It is important to note that you do not want to heat the Chaga up as it kills the living melanin and other phyto-nutrient properties of the mushroom. This is why I choose to uses a hand grinder to slowly grind the pieces into powder. If you do not have a grinder, that is not a problem, just use some pliers to break the big pieces into smaller chunks and begin making tea with them.

Slow hand grinding to make Chaga powder


The  powder created from grinding is well blended to give you a great mix of both the inner and outer parts of the herb.

The Chaga powder requires less ‘steeping’ time to make a great cup of tea which is much darker than using the chunks.






Chaga Powder looks like ground coffee


After grinding, I store the powder in a dark container and use it for making tea OR, I package the powder into air tight vacuum sealed bags to preserve it for longer periods of time.

If you have Birch trees in your neck of the woods, get out into the forest and discover this powerful herb for yourself, it is a great time to reconnect with nature.

You can purchase a 50 gram bag for $15 plus shipping and handling by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ link below. You can find other sources on the internet however, I guarantee that each bag of powder is processed to very high standards as not to disrupt any of its potent capabilities. There is no fancy packaging, just a vacuum sealed bag and an information sheet explaining more about the product and how to make tea with it. 50 grams is roughly 18 big teaspoons which in turn can make up to 27 liters (over 100 cups) of tea (that’s a lot).

In our next post I will show you how to make Chaga tea and how to enjoy this powerful ‘Gift From God’.

Please share this post with your friends. Have a Happier, Healthier, more Prosperous Day!



Can Flower Power Reverse Cancer?

There are many people who are realizing everything we need to heal all diseases lies within the power of plants and roots. I will go one further than that and say, the mere state of emotionally believing in one’s own healing power is one of the greatest benefits we have in reversing chronic disease.

Throughout my life I have watched as friends and family have placed their faith in a medical system that at best has a less than 10% success rate at permanently reversing cancer. I believe one of the reports I read was 0.1% of people survive chemotherapy treatments beyond 5 years. Often times the poisoning effects of the treatment create more damage than the original cancer.

I suggest everyone should watch the documentary called, “Healing Cancer From The Inside Out” before making any decisions regarding their own cancer treatment. Often times the road set upon through destructive antiquated treatments can not be reversed because of the long term damage they do.

Hint… Check out to watch the movie online

So today I have a real treat for. It is an article my good friend George Walters has provided for us. It is a very brief overview of how he reversed the cancer in his body using some simple techniques and an old forgotten recipe used by our first nations people’s to reverse cancer.

I will also post a PDF version of this in the Resource Library above. I have not changed any of George’s original message and only offered a few comments (written in Italic) throughout the document.

Cancer and The Lion

By George Walters –

I have done major research on the Dandelion now for the past two years.   It not only makes cancer cells self destruct without hurting your good cells it also builds up your immune system so you can fight off any future bout’s with cancer or any other disease.

Even stops cold and flu’s in their tracks.  It is really good for Prostate, Colon, Breast, Bone, Bladder Cancer along with Leukemia.  It will work for others too some just take a bit longer to react, one needs patience and the (EFT) tapping treatment would sure help with that.

EFT is used to lower Cortisol levels in the body by reducing any emotional stress a person may have. Lowered Cortisol allows the body to enter into a natural healing state. This is an important step in the healing process without it your body’s digestive system is restricted in taking up the nutrients it needs to effectively heal itself. For a free course on how to use EFT Stress Relief click on the “Free Stress Relief Video Workshop” at . OR, contact me at for consultation.

What my wife and I do, is every morning I go out now since they are starting their season and dig up one plant. Root, Leaves and a couple small buds where the flower will be.  Do this in an area where pesticides and herbicides have not been used. You may have to take a visit to the country or a neighbor’s yard.

I then bring it in for the wife and she washes it and grinds it up and then puts it in a pot with about two cups of water and simmers it.  Make sure you don’t boil it as that removes all the good things.  About ten minutes is enough, stirring it once in awhile.

She then strains it into our cups and we drink it.  Not to bad neither and if you like you can add a dash of sugar but not much.  Main thing we should all be trying to get away from white sugar. I use our local maple syrup.  Turbinado sugar it is made from Cane and pretty much raw much better for us or raw cane sugar.  Still no sugar is really healthy as you know. Sugar has been scientifically proven to fuel Cancer cells and promote their growth.

You can drink dandelion tea twice a day if you want to. Makes you strong and feeling good.  I would try a half a cup and see how it goes.  I haven’t heard of anyone being allergic to it but one never knows. If you’re allergic to salads and things well maybe then but if not you’re OK. That is one treatment for anyone that has cancer or without.

Another way to do them up (for winter storage) is as follows. I will start soon as they come out in full force here and start to dig a bunch of them mostly the roots. I take a shovel shove down beside them and move it around some to loosen the root then, pull it out by hand very slowly.  They will break, but doing it this way you get a good long piece.

Once I have gathered up a bunch I take them in the house cut them up and dry them. I don’t take the dirty off I leave it on.  You can shake it off and once dry more dirt will fall off, pretty much all of it.

Now you make sure they are dry to where they snap.  I dry mine in my oven as it is propane stove and it has a pilot light and dries them perfectly. Key here is you don’t want to heat them up above 104 Degrees F.  Very important as that would kill all the good things.

I also hang them like one would do onions from a high place where the air can circulate around them.  .  Once dry I take the whole root break it in half and put them in mason jars for winter or should say wife does. Need about four good quart jars for winter.  Then come winter I take a cup full grind them up with a mortar and pestle, works great.

We also do the same with the whole plant roots leaves and buds and dry them all together washing them then drying them.  Then do the same in jars for winter now that is what you use for your tea each day.

The roots  though, with a touch of dirt on them is major good for all cancers, one teaspoon a day in a glass of cold water. You take it for or till your stomach feels a bit acidly.

Mine took six months then once that happens you cut back to a half a teaspoon and keep doing that till your down to nothing.  You have to learn what your body needs and how it feels. Once done your cancer is gone and or your body is built up to where it should be.  Simple and has worked great for me and quite a few more folks that has come and asked how to do it.  Good results all way round.

I also keep tabs on my PH these days with strips you can buy online cheap.  There is nothing better than they are to find out how your body is perkin’. Most folks that have cancer or their body is sick are very acidic.  Mine was about five. Not to good for sure LOL so I changed my diet and now got it up to 7.0 to 7.4 trying to get it to 7.6.

Just takes some time again one has to learn patience.  Cancer loves it (PH level) anywhere lower than 6.5, thrives in it. Kind of like our soil it should also be about 7 to 7.5 to grow good crops. Pretty amazing but then it isn’t, as we are earth.    I recommend every one should keep tabs on your PH.  Using the strips you can check your Urine first thing in the morning it should be reading around 6.5 or a bit higher.   Best to do it before you eat or drink anything.  You can check it through the day just make sure you do it about two hours after you eat or drink anything. SO there you go my friend for the Dandelion part anyways.

My friend George came to me a couple of  years back with worries he had over the cancer in his body. I shared with him how to use EFT to clear the negative emotional events he had experienced in his early life. We then talked in length about nutrition and the body’s need for the correct fuel to heal. George is an avid gardener and has taught me many tricks to growing a healthier garden without any need for pesticides and herbicides.

The closer we can get ourselves to our own food source the better. Even someone living in a high rise apartment building can plant flower boxes with some vegetables and enjoy the natural richness of everything nature has to offer. These foods you grow are far higher in minerals and vitamins than you can purchase through any store even organically and taste so much better. With limited planting space consider dark leave vegetables like Spinach, Broccolli and peppers. Even a small plant of Tomatoes will give you tons of natural nutrients. You can freeze extra vegetables and enjoy their flavor even during the winter months. It is amazing how much food a few plants will produce.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you want to share it, please share it in it’s entirety so no parts of the message George and I have shared with you are lost.

Have a Happier, Healthier, more Prosperous day!

Dan Brooks – Founder

I Wanna Feel Good

Never were truer words written than those. Everything we do, everything we take part in, the end result is we want to feel good.

It makes you wonder why we spend so much of our time pondering and brooding over the negative aspects in our life rather than doing what makes us feel good. It is the key to happiness and prosperity.

Defining what makes us feel good varies from person to person. To some, feeling good is doing something physical with their bodies like exercise, dance, yoga or participating in an event or hiking adventure.

To satisfy our minds we read books, play games, watch a movie and the list goes on.

When people want to feel good spiritually they will gather with friends and family, go to church, meditate or get closer to nature.

We are holistic beings who have a constant desire to fulfill ourselves by doing things that feel good. We feel out of balance when we are following any other path and our bodies fill up with stress, pain and disease.

We are physically hardwired to do things to make ourselves feel good. You can only be in two states, growth or death. Feeling good equals growth. Feeling bad equals the latter.

There is no right way to feel good and there is no wrong way to feel good. It is personal to each of us and serves our needs based on our beliefs. Isn’t it great that we live in a time and place where there is so much we can enjoy?

Recently I was blessed to meet a group of young people who have decided to put together a Conference based on this very intent… To Feel Good.

As I said to each of us this is an individual need and these people have put together a weekend conference that brings together numerous aspects of that from the physical, to the mental, to the spiritual needs we all have.

The “i wanna feel good conference” runs from November 11th to November 13th, 2011 in Sudbury. This weekend event will see lectures and workshops on a wide variety of topics tailored to each individuals beliefs and needs. Everything from eating right, to yoga and even how to improve your professional performance in the workplace.

Of course I will be speaking at the conference also as a keynote speaker Friday evening on “I Wanna Give Up Pain” . Imagine that! In this workshop I will teach people how lower their stress hormones and elevate their Happy Hormones which are the same ones that also relieve pain. The workshop will be an amazing journey for those who have never attended one of our workshops before. For those who have experienced one of our recent workshops you will be able to reinforce the techniques I have taught you and really expand on living a pain free life. These workshops always deliver positive results even for those people who suffer chronic pain.

You can view the different speakers, topics and register for the workshop(s) by going to “” and following the links. There is a special meditation on Friday morning at 11 a.m. for those who want to participate in a world healing event.

I hope to see you at the conference and finding your own personal ‘Feel Good’ knowledge.

Feel Good and live life striving for that.


Have a Happier, Healthier, more Prosperous day


Dan Brooks


The Secret to a Healthy Life

It has been an amazing summer here in Northern Ontario. I took the time to enjoy everything around me and do a lot of things I had been putting off. So, the blog has been sitting idle for a bit.

This summer was also a great opportunity to work with some amazing people who were suffering from a variety of physical and emotional ailments.

You know what I find is interesting… there are so many people looking for a magic pill or a magic fix that will make them happy and I believe that is a quest best left alone.

The Secret to living a healthy life begins first with your thoughts and emotions. Man, have we been fed a lot of crap over the years. I see things differently than a lot of people. I see Television, News articles, Health care, and advertising for nearly everything is so corrupted by the all mighty dollar that we are lied to or at least mislead every time we turn around.

If the corporate world can create enough fear they can make you believe anything. It is the root of fear that creates the majority of our stress. Stress in turn sets up physical conditions in our bodies that deprive our bodies of the nutrients each cell needs.

You need to understand that our society did not have any fears, corporations would not be able to sell you half the crap that you are currently buying. Turn up the fear mongering and we follow like sheep to the slaughter.

Learning to overcome your fears (all of them) is the key to de-stressing your life. EFT the fears away, work on them daily until they do not control you anymore. With the passing of each fear you will gain insight and clarity and see the world as a much different place than you thought it was.

The second step to finding a healthy life is Nutrition. Our bodies were designed to the cellular level, to run on fuel we could get from grazing and foraging. This summer I grew a very bountiful garden. Most of the produce never made it to the freezer or the table for that matter as I would stand in the garden and just graze off the many fruits and vegetables that were growing.

For those of you who don’t have the time or the space to have a garden of your own, find a local farmer and by fresh produce. What you get from the grocery will not meet your daily nutritional needs.

Nutrition is the key to fat loss, if you are stressed about your body image. When your body see’s that it is getting the right amounts of daily nutrition it will let go of the fat storage it has. You begin to feel better, more energized, more vibrant, more alive.

The interesting thing is the more you develop and retrain your body to eat healthy, the more healthy foods you will search out. This year I have discovered new plants in the forest beside my property that are teeming with good things to eat and give added nourishment to my body.

As it you can see it is not much of a secret, however it is the 2 essential keys to a healthy life. The key is just getting started and from there, as your healthy slowly improves, you will become more active in finding more healthy foods to put in your body AND healthier philosophies to live by.

As always, leave a comment


Have a Happier, Healthier, more prosperous day


Dan Brooks


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