Emotional Pain of the Past

“The Person who hits never Remembers, while the person who bears the scar never Forgets”.

The scars of our emotional past create the backdrop of our current belief system and often the pain felt in the joints and muscles. How long should we carry an emotional scar of our past? These emotional issues keep replaying over and over in our minds and create stress on our body.

Think of a time in your past of a negative emotional event. Can you feel the pit in your stomach as you briefly relive that moment? Even an embarrassing moment has the same effect. Your body becomes loaded with emotional stress as you replay the event.

Pain is often a result of carrying these emotions over long periods of time.

Recently I was working with a person who had a very difficult childhood. It was one filled with physical and sexual abuse. The trauma of those events had been carried by the individual for many years and the result, in the body, was pain. The pain caused by the stressful emotions of feeling helpless and insecure. It was the emotional beating this person put themselves through on a daily basis that was the real crime in this.

Yes, there are monsters out there that would harm children and commit atrocities upon them and these people should never be forgiven for their actions. I do not believe it is our duty to forgive those who do heinous acts, it is our duty to forgive ourselves for carrying the emotions for so long.

The question from the victim was, “Why do they (the attackers) not feel guilty for doing this, can they not see what they are doing to others? How can they live with themselves?” And I was reminded of my opening quote…

It is never the perpetrator who feels or remembers the emotional pain of the action. It is always the victim that must carry the emotional scar from that day forward.

The truth in the matter is, we can never be happy in the past. We can never go back and make it right or make it go away. The Event Happened! It is now concrete and cannot be changed. These now become our emotional hurdles that keep us from finding happiness in this moment. It is what we do from that day forward that gives us clarity and strength. Do we spend our time reliving the event or do we clear the emotional connection, realize that is not who we are anymore and move onward with our life.

The latter is the truth of the statement. In working with so many folks who have come from these negative situations I have found they can resolve and find peace within themselves. The realization of wanting to move beyond the event is the first step. From there we can clear the emotions around the event with EFT and help the victim find peace within themselves.

It is in the relief where healing begins. If you have a negatively charged emotional past that you are reliving then I will make a guess that you are living with some sort of chronic pain. If that is true, use EFT to clear the emotions around the events and the pain will go away. It is a starting point in your healing journey.

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Have a Happier, Healthier, more Prosperous day

Dan Brooks

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