I witness so many people who complain about their life condition. It is true that “Life Responds to your outlook”.

In a different sense it is our subconscious mind that reacts to the thoughts we feed it. Our thoughts are the seeds we plant and the results are the production of our subconscious nurturing of those thoughts and delivering the results.

If you have been following my sporadic blogs over the years you know of my love for gardening and how I love to use it as a metaphor for life. It is just my way relating a thought or experience to something I know. I know when I am selecting my seeds I look for those which are healthy and I set those aside for the planting process. Those healthy seeds when planted in the ground and nurtured are the ones which will produce the most hardiest of fruits (or vegetables in this case).

One of the great challenges I find in changing my thoughts is to select the healthiest of  those seeds and plant those in my subconscious. This can be the challenge for all of us who have a habitual way of thinking. You know, focusing on the negative when there are so many other positive things we would be better off thinking about. In this “Growing’ experience of mine, I really enjoy the my new experience of recognizing those negative thoughts before I can finish them and replacing them with either a different paradigm or just ‘letting go’ and feeling calm and ease.

I know the negative thoughts I think, like the poor seeds I plant in the ground, will only be nurtured by the garden of my mind, my subconscious, and result in getting more of what I do not want.

It’s the story we tell which gives us more of what we get. We are the holders of the vision and if that vision sees only the bad around us then, we experience more of that story.

However it is a challenge to think of good health when we are in pain. It is a challenge to think of happiness when we are see so many negative people around us and we only think of the negative experiences in our life. It is a challenge, to think of prosperity when only see lack in our life.

It is training you conscious mind however that will change the results of those negative thoughts. It is finding the healthy seeds and planting those and believing with faith that those new seeds will grow and produce a new result. We only need to understand that, just like the garden, a seed planted does not instantaneously grow into a plant. It needs to be nurtured and allowed to fulfill its promise of baring its gift to us.

The positive creative desire you hold within you will fulfill its promise and will bare its bounty also, allow it to. Allow your subconscious the time to create this new Happier, Healthier, more Prosperous life for you. You only need to nurture the loving compassionate, abundant thoughts without allowing the weeds to grow in what you have planted. It is easier to pull out the weeds from the garden when they are small and have not established strong roots.

As you notice those negative thoughts or unsupportive habitual ways of thinking entering into your consciousness, stop, take a breath and change the thought to something else supportive and positive.


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Have a Happier, Healthier, more Prosperous Day.