How many times have we tried to change something in our life only to find that nothing has really changed?
It is a constant dilemma of the same-old, same-old. Every time we try to change we seem to get unwillingly dragged back into the same situations

There is good news though, these are programs that are running within YOU and they can be changed once you learn how. It may take some time but they can be changed. The key is in learning why this happens to you and how to change the program.

In Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book ‘The Biology Of Belief’, Lipton explains how these events in our life become chemical programs in our cells and the way to change those programs is to change the energy system in our bodies.

The challenge for most folks is they believe it can be done through positive affirmations. The success rate in that is very small and takes a lot of dedication to move beyond all the negative ‘Mind Frick’ that yells back all the reasons you are not getting what you want.

For example, you may want to lose weight and you try the newest diet. Everything is going good for a little while and then “BAM” your weight loss comes to a halt. You tell yourself, “I can do this, I will be so happy when I reach my goal weight. The little voice in your head whispers back to you, “No you can’t, you are fat. Just look at yourself in the mirror, disgusting. Look at other people looking at you and judging you. They are all judging you.”

That ‘Mind Frick’, as Harv Eker calls it, is the program you are running internally that creates the negative environment around the cells which actually prevents the cells themselves from losing the fat molecules.

When you are stressed with any negative ‘Feeling Thought’ your body reacts in a pre-programmed manner. The very same situation plays out when you are trying to get that promotion you always wanted or succeed in some other manner.

For a moment you believe you can get the job and then the ‘Mind Frick’ begins filling your body with all the negative reasons from your own self-doubt of ‘Why’ you cannot have what you want. The interesting twist here is we ALL have an intuitive sense and when other people hold up self-doubt or any weakness we can sense it.

Those negative feelings you are holding regarding your self-worth are translated energetically by others. I am sure we have all met people we have thought afterwards how pathetic they were. It is their inner energy they are giving off. They may be the most kindest and loving people if only they could move past their own self-worth challenges.

In my new book, ‘Fears, Phobias & Freedom’ we will guide you on a deeper understanding of how this works and what you can do to change the programs. Once you learn how to recognize these programs changing them becomes the easy part.

‘Fears, Phobias and Freedom’ will be available later this year in book stores and here at our website.

Have a Happier, Healthier, more Prosperous Day

Dan Brooks