“What you focus on expands”, is a credo I find has a lot of power. I have spoken about it here before. It is based on the premise of Like Attracts Like. If you are in harmony in your mind with what you want you will surely attract it into your life.

It is all about your vibration. Often times we cannot see past our own negative emotions created from past events in our life to focus long enough on getting what we want.

Today I will make it simple for you on How to do this even though you may still have a lot of turmoil in your mind and heart.

The feeling of abundance (Law of Attraction) is often confused with wishful thinking.

“If I hope and pray then it will come my way.”

It only takes 17 seconds of PURE thought about something you desire to begin the process. After that it is appreciating what you have already got that adds the fuel to this process.

I know in my case, everything I have ever asked for I have received or I am in the process of receiving. For me the biggest ‘thing’ I can do is really get that feeling of gratitude going. Just counting your blessings is such a feel-good process in itself that it will often show us what we Thought we wanted was really nothing more than a whimsical wish that really didn’t pack much desire.

Do your 17 seconds of Pure thought and then change your focus to just feeling abundant.

Finding the Feeling of Abundance in the mundane… use as many of your senses as you can to appreciate the task at hand.

For example, when I cut the grass I love to look at the beauty of what is going on around me. The smell and touch of freshly mowed lawn. The birds singing and the sounds of my little town as it moves so busily every day. I look at the patterns the mower makes as I am creating this fresh piece of artwork in my lawn. There is a countless amount of things to appreciate in this simple task and yet I know when I am doing this I feel filled with the feeling of abundance.

What can you do to appreciate the abundance in a task you perform?

Have a Happier, Healthier, more Prosperous Day!

Dan Brooks