The PTSD Hope Seminar

Managing Critical Incident Stress and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

ptsd behind the badge

During the span of a career in Emergency Services we have many incidents that deeply affect us and remain with us for a lifetime. When we think about these events, we have an unsettled feeling. Although we know that the event has long past, the memories and emotions linger. Recalling these events sets our emotions on a roller coaster and we question all the things we could have or should have done. The Critical Incident Stress of the event continues to haunt us. Today we recognize this replaying, this emotional connection to the events, as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. PTSD is so common among emergency personnel that some fire departments and Police services have named their retirement clubs, PTSD clubs. This emotional condition not only effects the person who experienced the traumatic event but extends beyond the station to their family members.


But this is not a hopeless condition, and there is a way out!


“For me, 20 years in Fire and Rescue services and nearly 4 years as a paramedic created a lot of Critical Incident Stress. As this Stress compounded it began to have a physical and emotional effect on my body and mind. When I could not function anymore in my job as a Paramedic, I was considered “Burned Out”. I had asked for help but was told to, “Suck it up”. I had to leave the very job where I was able to help so many people in their hour of need. The images of those horrific incidents replayed over and over in my mind and it took a small miracle to finally release them and end the depression I suffered for so many years.”- Dan Brooks


There is a practical solution which reverses the debilitating effects of PTSD and In-the-Moment Critical Incident Stress. We have been able to reverse the affects of PTSD in war veterans, emergency personnel and anybody who has suffered after a traumatic event in their life.


We offer this solution now to you, your team, retired personnel and families, in a two hour workshop which can be delivered directly at your station.

Lead by Dan Brooks, recognized by the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare and The Stress Project, will deliver this workshop and guide you from that place of inner turmoil to ease and relief.


For more information on our PTSD Workshop please email us at; dan (dot) coach (at) gmail (dot) com