Breaking the Programming Mold Booking

Breaking the Programming Mold


Feed the Body, Feed the Mind, Feed the Spirit

Feed the Body, Feed the Mind, Feed the Spirit

A workshop to help people understand WHY what they are currently living isn’t matching up with what they are feeling inside.

In this Introductory workshop you will discover what your internal programs are, and how they define the life you are living. We will teach you to recognize these programs, and give you clear helpful techniques to gradually dissolve this conditioned thinking, so that you may reconnect with your true inner guidance and create a more loving, joyful and abundant life.

You will learn valued techniques and modalities to resolve the programs & beliefs you have developed along your path


Your Guidance hosts in this wonderful journey are;

Dan BrooksAuthor of Fear, Phobias and Freedom, Founder of & EFT Guide


Kasia Kaminska – Founder of Namaste Energy Centre & Intuitive Conduit

Breaking the Programming Mold

for more information about this workshop please email us; dan (dot) coach (at) gmail (dot) com


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