“Why can I not get rid of this pain in my body”, a friend said to me recently.

Often times we become so caught up in the ‘What Is’ that we find it challenging to see and feel what our lives can be like.

If most chronic pain is not because of a physical condition then it must be for other reasons, emotional condition-ING. Or, basically, the programs you are running.

We get very caught up in the action of playing out our habitual thought programs, even though we believe that we can have a better life. We have already Tasted it, so-to-speak.

We have already felt it. We have already experienced it.

So I get asked, then how do we change the thought patterning, the programs we have running and I have noticed a few simple processes by which we can change these programs.

I have called them ‘Distraction Actions’. What that is, is simply, when you are feeling, when you are feeling like life is beating you up, when you feel the pain coming back into your body… You need to do Anything to distract your conscious mind from going back into IT, whatever your IT may be. (IT = Your false perception of worthiness)

A Distraction Action is doing anything, and I mean anything that will take you away from what you are currently doing in that particular moment.


So lets say, you are sitting behind your computer screen checking out your favourite social stream of meaningless events, and you feel those negative feelings coming on. It is time for you to DO ANYTHING else. Pet the dog, do the dishes, go outside, go to the bathroom. ANYTHING that will change your current focus. It is distracting our conscious self with a different action. This works really well if it is something rather than the things you are now considering mundane.


The same can hold true by exercising a simple practice I like to call a ‘Gratitude Walk’. Now a Gratitude Walk is when you walk around your house, apartment or business and say Thank You for every single thing that comes into your line of focus.

T Harv Eker, used to call it… “Counting your blessings”.



A simple walk could go something like this;

Thank you for the home I have.

Thank you for the door that protects me from the weather

Thank you for the mat where I can wipe my shoes

Thank you for closet where I can hang my coat

Thank you for space I can call my home

Thank you for the refrigerator

Thank you for the food I have

Thank you for the warmth of my home

Thank you for the clothes I have

Thank you for the health I am enjoying in this moment

Thank you for the bathroom where I can clean my body

Thank you for … I hope you are getting the idea by now.

It is just about taking 5 minutes and doing this simple action which places you in those feelings of gratitude. From gratitude all good things can happen.

I spend time thanking the cells in my body for being strong and allowing me to move with flexibility.

It is about experiencing and appreciating our personal abundance. When you appreciate what you have the universe will always give you more.


Have a Happier, Healthier more Prosperous

For more guidance and helpful techniques to move you into greater alignment who you are and what it is you want out of your life please follow this link KasiaKaminska.com

Feed the Body, Feed the Mind, Feed the Spirit

Feed the Body, Feed the Mind, Feed the Spirit