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Hello everyone,  we are  ACTUAL SOLUTIONS & CLEAR GUIDANCE

Dan & Kasia


  We Guide from our personal experience, our deep commitment to the process of individual expansion, and from our genuine desire to share these principals and what we have discovered with You.

On this site, you will find a wide variety of content on all topics concerning Personal Evolution and becoming More, helpful information, tips on how to improve your life, and practical clear techniques, as well as many other interesting topics which are relevant right NOW, that will help you along the path of your true freedom.


We are passionate and dedicated to Living Life to its highest potential!

And that’s what we want to help YOU do as well.


After all, what kind of a people would we be, if we had the Gold and didn’t share it?!

This blog is designed to help Empower and Inspire you to Live Life to the fullest without stress, pain, in a dis-ease free reality you truly want for to choose for yourself.



We  offer a variety of Personal Development Workshops which are available for private and corporate booking. Please visit our link above to find out more.


Our practice has grown and changed as we have grown and changed. With each shift it has become a true reflection of Who We Are and what we so lovingly want to share with you.

We are each, and everyone of us, on our own personal paths to awaking, connected by our singular and collective desire to live a better life…to feel better...to think more positive thoughts… and to create the reality of our choosing.

We are so thrilled to be a part of your personal journey into Well-being, and invite you to share your journey, as we Move individually and collectively, into a new way of Being, Thinking and Creating.


You can also find a bounty of insightful articles and information on Chaga and its many, many, benefits and uses, pain relief, emotional freedom technique ~EFT~  as well as many free resources & giveaways  here at GiveUpPain.com 

CHAGA a gift and a treasure


and to feed the Spirit, find council and clarity, please visit us at KasiaKaminska.com for the newest CHANNELED MESSAGES from Source



Allow us to guide you into a new perspective, into a new way of experiencing your Best Self, bringing balance, awareness of Self, and ease to all areas of your life.


With Love, Light and all our Gratitude …Namaste

∇   Kasia & Dan   Δ



  1. Hi Dan,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and wisdom with the world!

    Marianne :) xo

  2. Hi Dan,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and wisdom with the world!

    Marianne :) xo

  3. Hi Dan,
    I am glad to see that you have your blog and looking forward to learn from you and others. Wishing you the best. Namaste! Diane

  4. Hi Dan
    Thankyou so much for sharing your experience with the rest of us and it actually conects well with what my proffesor at the university used to tell me That opening up to others leads to relief. If you can agree with me reaching out to other young people is very important.

  5. Thanks for putting this information out there free. I am interested in your ‘working with’ idea, but would like more information. I will be happy to answer personal questions when I have a better understanding of what you propose.

    • Hi Maxine, Thank you for your post.

      Depending on the context of ‘working with’ ;
      If it is personalized coaching dealing with your emotional pain or stress issues on a personal level, I can coach you trough finding relief over the phone. I do not need any of your personal information or details about emotionally traumatic events in your life. I only ask questions like this;
      A) Is there an emotional event you want to deal with, Yes or No?
      B) Give that event a Movie title.

      I use movie titles because you have already attached meaning to the words in your vocabulary. In working with sexual assault victims I found it much better if I did not know the details of the event. The event and the words only hold meaning for you. A deep personal meaning however.

      If you are looking at ‘working with’ our team to help people live a happier, healthier more prosperous Life then there is an application survey you would need to fill out to qualify. Once again the only personal information you would need to give up would be during the interview process to see if you are willing to come on this journey with us.

      I hope this helps. You can reply directly to my email address dan@giveuppain.com

      Have a beautiful day

      Dan Brooks

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