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The Tapping Points for EFT









The Next item up is a Desktop Background image for you that shows the Emotional Scale. This information was provided in the book ‘Ask And It Is Given’ by Esther & Jerry Hicks. This is a powerful background that allows to see where your current emotional level is and then you can practice using EFT to bring yourself up the emotional scale.

It is in the feeling of relief where all healing begins. As we grow and move up the emotional scale our lives and our health can get better and better.

I hope you enjoy this free gift from us here at Simply download it by right clicking and doing a ‘Save Target as” to your computer and set it as your background wallpaper.

Have a happier, healthier, more prosperous day.


OR….. You can download the print friendly pdf fileĀ for your files or to post on your ‘Vision Board’ at the link below

Emotional Scale Portrait Print Friendly sheet


This is the article mentioned in ‘Feed the Body’ regarding the 14 day dietary changes for pain relief.

The 14 Day Diet to Pain Relief


Article by George Walters on how he reversed his cancer.

Cancer and the Lion



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