I believe helping others can be a blessing to both parties. Having a guide helped me through my darker days was a great blessing to me. Guides can come in many forms, most of mine did not even know I existed because there was no personal contact with me. The process was slow yet very rewarding for me.

It is hard for most people to create the success they want when they are being held back by the emotional anchors that keep giving them what they’ve got. If you are having challenges dealing with your emotional past or creating the future you deserve and dream about, I would be more than happy to offer my guidance to help you in any way that I can.

My latest book is now available for purchase. The Book, ‘Fear, Phobias and Freedom’ is the culmination of my years of experience and field studies we created through our workshop series. In understanding any challenge we face in life we must educate ourselves in the knowledge of how our life is affected and infected by our thoughts and feelings. Deep subconscious Fears and Phobias lie within us all that we not even be aware of.

Although, I may not the most eloquent writer, the words, techniques and experiences shared in this book will change you life for the better .

I jokingly state… “Reading this book is like sex for the first time… It is awkward in the beginning, finds a nice rhythm and has a euphoric finish”.

You can purchase ‘Fear, Phobias and Freedom’ in paperback, hard cover or E-book version by Clicking Here.


The most purest form of Vitamin D that I have seen is available at the following link. Vitamin D can reverse many auto-immune diseases, like Multiple Sclerosis and prevent cancer possibly even reverse it. In the Northern Hemisphere we do not get enough sunlight to produce Vitamin D in our bodies. Vitamin D is a key building block to prevent disease. D-MAX provides a whopping 5,000 iu of Vitamin D3 per capsule. Each bottle contains 250 capsules.



Of course there are reasons ‘Why’ people become overweight in the first place and that is because of the ‘Inner Game’ that plays out emotionally in our life. This was key to my eventual permanent weight loss. It was the value I had placed on my self-worth. When I learned how to clear these emotions that transformation was amazing and one that I could never allow myself to go back to that obese guy I was before.

So, As part of the launch of our NEW Weight Loss program, I will be giving away a copy of my new ebook “The Balancing Act – Unveiling the Thin Person Trapped in The Overweight Body” The ICUR’s Method to Permanent Weight Loss.

You will have to contact me for details on how to get your “Free” copy of this book (a $47 value). The results will truly amaze you.
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