Active Energy Pulse🌈 How are you feeling?

Dearest friends… you will see below that we are currently experiencing an ongoing energy pulse Active Energy Pulse 👇🌈

This is definitely going to be feelable, so take deep breaths often, and if you are feeling aches and pain throughout your body… rest, tap and release the tension in your body caused by anything else that may be adding to the sensitivity of what you’re already feeling as a result of this BIG energy 🦋

🌈 one more thing… last night, I heard clearly in my dream, spoken several times, “LIVING-IN-LOVE IS NOW POSSIBLE” 🌎💛🌈

You’re safe, and this is a natural process even though it’s new and you’ve never done it this way before. So drink lots of water, and relax… we’re all going to be alright… and when you feel overwhelmed by the energy, repeat these words outloud often, and until you believe them 👇💕

We Love You 

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