It’s OKAY to have a bad day💙

…we Love You, and we know that some days are harder than others, and that inspite of your best intentions, sometimes you just don't feel so great. But you're a powerful creator, and the Collective Whole benefits each time you come out, and up, from those difficult feelings💙You matter, and how you feel matters too, … Continue reading It’s OKAY to have a bad day💙

What are you FEELING in this Shift?

Last one for the day friends (unless something important happens that you all need to know about ☺️😘) we hope these posts have helped you through this big energetic day ✨💛☯💛✨ …although it's important to feel into this, and each must decide how they feel and move accordingly… this energy has the potential to 'upset' … Continue reading What are you FEELING in this Shift?

EVENT MODE 🌈🌏 Preparing for The Shift

it's time Hello friends, busy day today! We are in EVENT MODE 🌈🌏💛 there is a lot of energy coming in, and its been ongoing since last night. Russian Observatory 11:44am July 13th 2021 Keep tapping and releasing ANYTHING that comes up, and take it easy today, especially on yourself. This isn't something we should … Continue reading EVENT MODE 🌈🌏 Preparing for The Shift

Ongoing Cosmic Activity and our Bodies🌈🌀 We’re Evolving!

We're waking up today to some BIG incoming energies. Some of you may be aware that this is going on, while for some this may be the first you're hearing about it, but since this December we have had the most intense and ongoing solar and cosmic activity to date. Image courtesy of Russian Observatory … Continue reading Ongoing Cosmic Activity and our Bodies🌈🌀 We’re Evolving!

Current Energy Update 🌈June 24th 2021

Our wonderful friend Eileen, reached out this morning feeling like she was about to explode and deeply sensing this energy! Yes friends, we are once again feeling the effects of an energetic pulse that is coming in regularly now, as in every day. This pulse seems to begin around 10am-ish and lasts feelably into 3pm-ish… … Continue reading Current Energy Update 🌈June 24th 2021

More Incoming Energies!

Well friends, after 3 days of no data and all systems down, this is all that we can currently see 👆 However… if THIS is the only part that we're being shown, how BIG are the other flares that they don't want us to see??? 🌈 all is well friends… just remeber that this is … Continue reading More Incoming Energies!

UPDATE! Schumann Spike! Ok friends, quick update… we are again feeling the fullness of more active energy🌈 BREATHE deeply, you are most likely holding your breath and don't even realize it. Drink water, and rest as often as you require… no feeling 'bad' about it, this is an active process and our bodies are feeling the full … Continue reading UPDATE! Schumann Spike!

Kp-7 C Class Flare… take a deep breath

Dearest friends… just letting you know that a few hours ago, we got hit by a large, C class Kp-7 solar flare… so that means you may feel something… 🦋 Here is something for you to "think" about, and do, as you're feeling your body adapt, relatively silently, to all this living energy Imagine Cool-Positive … Continue reading Kp-7 C Class Flare… take a deep breath