Let go of your fear

…I awoke this day to a big realization; the storm within will always create a storm outside of me. What I feel about the world, and myself, on every level, impacts what my world looks like, and how it interacts directly with me. So when I'm afraid, than there is nothing wrong happening as I … Continue reading Let go of your fear

What is your body trying to tell you?

https://youtu.be/zAe_ibTxX5U Hi friends! πŸ’— this is the first video in our Language-of-the-Body series where we dive into the deeper reasons of why we have pain and discomfort in our bodies. This episode is all about the MUSCLES! So if you're feeling any discomfort in your body, or you just want to learn more and share … Continue reading What is your body trying to tell you?

Gentle Flowlaties “Tapilaties” to create ease and flow

https://youtu.be/e8EsyKZuZF4 πŸ¦‹πŸŒˆ dearest friends, here is my Gentle Flowlaties "Tapilaties" for you to enjoy… I love you all so much, and if you find this beneficial, I will offer more content like this, to help release and gently guide your body and mind-spirit to shift with ease and grace πŸ’›βœ¨

NEW Upcoming Mini-Workshops!

πŸ’— Have you ever wondered what the pain signals in your body are actually leading you too? And, how would you treat yourself differently, knowing that your body WAS in fact communicating with you? What if… you really are an Intelligent-Body πŸ’™πŸŒˆ We have an exciting new series of videos and events planned for you! … Continue reading NEW Upcoming Mini-Workshops!

Time to Love the Self

At times, we hold ourselves in habitual feelings we find familiar, instead of standing in the new feelings of who we are, and most importantly, who we are becoming πŸ’— #waveoflove Tap on the heart, and repeat after me… I now release myself from feeling less-than who I am I now release myself, and I … Continue reading Time to Love the Self

Releasing “FLU” The psychological possibilities of Release

Page 263 of MESSAGES FROM THE BODY Sometimes we just need to hear some positive words, and then, there's times, when you take those words and make them 'work' for you! We did a personal and collective release on this… perhaps you'd like to as well, it builds up your emotional immunity πŸ—πŸ’— Tap gently … Continue reading Releasing “FLU” The psychological possibilities of Release

Facing Up to Our Fears πŸ’— NEW video!

https://youtu.be/N6t_HVfXsrw Hi friends! There's so much active energy around us, and so much is changing, both inside and out. Here is a link to our Newest Video, join us for a quick tune-up, as you face your hesitation and release yourself from the tension that is shifting us into and through these Collective events and … Continue reading Facing Up to Our Fears πŸ’— NEW video!