SPECIAL READING!!🌟What Can I Do To Help?

✨…you currently stand in a powerful place, a time in your life where you have more "power" and "control" over yourself and how things will work out for you then ever before, but you're probably unaware of your own creative potential… so what can you do this shift this, and everything else forward, and start … Continue reading SPECIAL READING!!🌟What Can I Do To Help?

Become a Frequency-Match for LOVE💗

"We do not attract what we want, but what we are" James Lane Allen 💛💛✨ You are a powerful creator, isn't it time that you began creating from deliberate, conscious action?! We say, YES!✨ https://open.spotify.com/episode/0VWTsdAzfpPh4mDIgqeFWI?si=lbGjMinhQ_Cv9eT50bR_Bw&utm_source=copy-link

Fresh NEW Start💚Your Adventure Begins!

Today is the beginning of something new, of an adventure that is ongoing, and calling you forward! #waveoflove #waveoflight 💛💛🌈 #lovewins Today is a NEW day! ☀️ https://open.spotify.com/episode/7qdHTPet2ngHOMHk3sZuKU?si=n4jadGsSQ-eafrR8IPWC6g&utm_source=copy-link

Who Is Driving🌈You

https://open.spotify.com/episode/6NKvjjFfG4GIhDPttDWGNF?si=vP8cv4MySxmUS4Aegggxrw&utm_source=copy-link https://open.spotify.com/episode/6NKvjjFfG4GIhDPttDWGNF?si=vP8cv4MySxmUS4Aegggxrw&utm_source=copy-link …every day is a new beginning, but beginnings come in many forms, and not every feeling that comes to us is pleasant, so ultimately, we must decide who is Driving our life…☀️ there is a harmful substance-toxin in our experience, Collectively and individually, in our living and psychic realm, that must be identified … Continue reading Who Is Driving🌈You

Become Your Biggest Supporter🌏Let’s begin!

…things are always evolving and becoming more! Are you ready to become your biggest Supporter?! ✨ Welcome to Danny's first episode on the FeelingPath ILLUMINATED Podcast!! ♥️✨#waveoflight #waveoflove https://open.spotify.com/episode/28lEYzuS5KccoCu1uipp5w?si=gRkgB7YtQ9WL4JC92Qo3gA&utm_source=copy-link

Stand in your Truth♡You’re Ready

...to listen to the whole episode, please follow this link 👇💛and Enjoy https://open.spotify.com/episode/4sIxOzFzOGlxd6L4yzNj3x?si=XUlIsd7VR8aqYCHAqSbptA&utm_source=copy-link

You Are On The Cusp Of A NEW PHASE💛 Lifting the Veil

https://open.spotify.com/episode/6hWEtWAe7GXjArzv7Vn9Zt?si=dJKRXFQCRAql6CriX6FXoA&utm_source=copy-link ✨…the veil lifts, we step forward, and see who, and what we really are; feeling into the active energy that is pulling you, simultaneously, in two seemingly opposite directions. So much has to come to light, and your body is adapting beautifully, but that comes with 'feeling-sensations' and can leave you feeling alone with … Continue reading You Are On The Cusp Of A NEW PHASE💛 Lifting the Veil