What if… Is it possible we live in a Binary Star System?

We’d like to present an idea to you… a potential WHAT IF? ✨

What if… we live in a BINARY star system, which means,
What if WE HAVE 2 SUNS? ☀️☀️

What if, we always used to know this, but because the 2nd, bigger sun, has a VERY long cycle (between 25,000 – 28,000 years) we have simply forgotten about it?

What if… all these current changes are happening as a result of the return of this second celestial body, as the sheer size and density of this second sun affects OUR sun, which then begins to actively send energy to us, shifting the planet and us along with it?

What if… we always knew this, and we tried to remeber, but time happens, and people forget, and during its 25,000+ year elliptical orbit we simply forgot about it until we began to believe that there was only one sun?

And what if, to make things more interesting, it turns out that this second sun is not always within our visible view, for it has a bigger, yet less visible spectrum of light, and we simply see so little of what is there ( we see only 1% of what is there) that as it approaches now, we are simply not seeing it… yet!

But, there have been several photos on the internet, where individuals, just regular people, have seen this 2nd sun! And that is exciting! But don’t take our word for it, go out there and search it for yourself, and then please share on here!! 💛💛👍

Below are two interpretations of this possibility that I have created for you to see and FEEL into…

…this is my representation of the possibility of what currently is… not to scale, simply to open the doorways of conversation ✨💛💛✨ #waveoflove
…this is the first time I felt into this possibility. I drew the image and recorded the messages-feelings that came with it… it co-relates to the above picture ✨☀️☀️✨ #waveoflove

This is something that we ask that you DO feel into, and allow your own inner guidance to lead you and answer this question…

“Is our sun a binary star?

Could THIS be the reason that we are advancing so quickly?

Could THIS be the reason that all the outer change and chaos is happening? That is giving us all these physical sensations?

Could this be the very thing that is putting pressure on the back side of our planet for months now, and similarly affecting our weather, earthquakes, and sun? We JUST had a tornado in Barrie, Ontario! And more and more people are noticing that our sun is getting whiter!

Our oldest elders speak of this cycle, they know it exists… its only our modern world that refuses to look to what is already there.

We invite you to think a new thought, and share this with others… how does it feel?

…oftentimes the things ‘they’ talk about least, are the most relevant things happening to us ✨☀️☀️✨ (July 13th 2021)

What if…

And as always, our beautiful friends ✨💛💛✨ We Love You

2 thoughts on “What if… Is it possible we live in a Binary Star System?

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