To be world leaders and chosen experts in clarity; systematically releasing ALL inner illusion, trauma, stress, and outward projection of limitation.

We are here to create and fully embrace a New-Paradigm, a New-Politics of Compassion, Love, Understanding, Wisdom, and Unity.


To bring Release, Clarity, and Actual Solutions to individuals, couples, families, and to all who are ready to receive it.

To mentor and train those who are ready to embrace this new paradigm as part of their vision to help others.

“We are here to Guide, Uplift, and Inspire You to Remember Who You Are”



We are Dan Brooks and Kasia Kaminska; authors, motivational speakers, and Stress and Trauma Release Specialists.

GiveUpPain was originally founded in 2005 and was Dan’s loving response to the suffering he was seeing in the world at that time. It was five years ago that things really started to take off, that’s when we began working together, shifting our focus from personal relief to a grander mission, to help, and really make a change in our world. We just knew that things could be better, and we were willing to do what it took to make that happen!

Our biggest desire, then and now, is to help children; to stop trauma before it even begins, and to end the unnecessary pain and suffering we see in each of us.

We know, its time to GiveUpPain!

With all our love,

Dan & Kasia

“You are infinite in nature, and beautiful by design.”