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“Miracles happen when we release pain.” 


On-line Reading & Release Session  ♥ 1 hour ♥ Available through Facebook Messenger, Telegram ♥ Our asking exchange is $80


In-Person Reading & Release Session  ♥ Between 2-3 hours ♥ In our home, and at times we do travel to your location ♥ Our asking exchange is $140 / or is based on travel


the FeelingPath ILLUMINATED Experience –  3 days – 2 nights In-Person Session ♥ 3 MONTHS on-line mentoring ♥ Followed by 2 days – 1 night In-Person Completion Session ♥ Our asking exchange is $2000


Stress & Anxiety Relief Workshops –  Times vary / Online or In-Person ♥ Exchange is based on individual workshops


Everything Can Shift… Especially You… it’s time to GiveUpPain!


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So much of our work is done to help good, compassionate people, just like you, and your loving donations contribute greatly to making this happen!

THANK YOU, for helping us to keep offering our programs to those who otherwise wouldn’t have access to services like these. Thank you so much, with you, we know, that anything is possible!

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And to further show you how much we appreciate you and your contribution, we have countless uplifting and inspirational Channelled pieces for you to enjoy!

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