You Are So LOVED💕💗

…you've been feeling trapped in this emotional state for some time, and it never helped to ease the pain that you needed to be loved, because the very feeling of being unloved, made you believe that it was true, even when you've been SO loved throughout this whole process 💗 in other words, as you … Continue reading You Are So LOVED💕💗

Your Power Is Your Choice🌟Reading & Release

...this is for you 🌟

Releasing the BIG “C” 💗

Dearest friends, here is the Spotify💚 link to today's FeelingPath ILLUMINATED episode! There's been some "interesting" glitches in the online world, and so, we've just been doing our best to make sure you get to hear this content! 💛💛 We Love You…and #thisis4u 👇💛💛

Quick Energy Update☀️June 23rd

How are you feeling? 💛☀️ #waveoflove Here's today's Quick Energy Update! 🙏☀️🤗follow this👇link 🌈 #waveoflove It's time to GiveUpPain

MUSIC for your beautiful Soul☀️🎶

Something SPECIAL for You👇✨ Music for your beautiful Soul ✨ We Love You ✨🌈 Enjoy! #waveoflove #music #love #share #peace #handpan #goldie

Live in the MORE☯️

…reach for that better feeling thought, and let yourself "off the hook" as you allow yourself to believe in something bigger than what you used to believe! #youmatter So repeat to yourself often… I AM A GOOD PERSON, I AM A LOVING PERSON, and more and more, I am beginning to understand how to create … Continue reading Live in the MORE☯️

This is who we are…💛

...a special BONUS episode 💕 to celebrate our 100th episode!

We’re Coming to ORILLIA Ontario!

...let love in, to allow healing to begin

LOVE is the ONLY thing♡ is all you need

Let the Body Help You💗're ready for these changes

Quick Energy Update☀️ May 25th!

...the Universe has your back!

Quick Energy Update🕊 May 24th!'s time to shift our paradigm around sadness

The Opportunity of Pain🕊's safe for you to have a new perspective about this

Why am I still feeling pain?🗝

…you've made so many changes, and you've learned so much about yourself, and how you really work… so it only makes sense that you'd want to know, and in that way, resolve the very things that keep you in those painful experiences… (Listen here👇✨) 💛💛 We Love You✨ #waveoflove #thebestisyettocome #youmatter #release #pain

Come & Enjoy a Reading and Release!🕊

Come have a Reading & Release with us!

How Are You Feeling?💕 you feel means everything

Our NEW Ambassador!

We Love You

Come And See Us In Person!

This SUNDAY April 15th!

Energy Update🌈 & Here We Come Hamilton!

✨the energy continues to ramp up, so enjoy a peaceful night tonignt, and release whatever discomfort arises as a result. Have a beautiful night everyone, and see you tomorrow our Hamilton friends! 💛💛✨ We Love You #waveoflove 868 Upper Sherman Ave, Hamilton ON L8V 3N1 Are you ready to clear all that has been holding … Continue reading Energy Update🌈 & Here We Come Hamilton!

Hamilton Peeps, we’re coming your way!

...because you matter!

We’re Coming to Hamilton!

...because you matter!

Feeling Out of Focus? This Will Help!

Clarity is only a release away...

Hold tight just a little bit longer!

We're in the GOOD Universe Now!

You’re SAFE to Feel SO Much

Feeling like you're walking on eggshells lately?

The Growing Pains of Leaving Anger Behind 💛💛 We Love You #waveoflove #youmatter #thebestisyettocome

Your Anger Is Your PAIN💗

…you've been experiencing a very emotionally BIG day, and there's lots both inwardly and in your outside world that is helping to add to that overall tension🌩 and although its making sense at the moment to feel this upset, your frustration and anger are only masking a deeper fear💙 So let's Choose LOVE over fear, … Continue reading Your Anger Is Your PAIN💗

You Only Need ONE!💛💛 You Only Need ONE! …but you've got two💛💛 We Love You, and it's time to see the order in the chaos and hold steady to a new, loving, uplifted point of view! 💗 You've got this, be patient, keep holding onto that innocent, open part of you who KNOWS and is certain that you … Continue reading You Only Need ONE!💛💛

Release Your Fear of Pain☀️

…there is nothing to worry about, let go of this "offness"💛 let that individual sensation go, and relax knowing you are fine, and that everything you've ever done has lead you here☀️💛 this Evolution is happening, and nothing will stop that! Hold true to who you are 💗 and who you are becoming, and let … Continue reading Release Your Fear of Pain☀️

It’s All About Choice

"In the beginning I tried to assign blame, but in the end, I always knew it was going to be an INNER GAME… in the end… I would have to decide… who did I want to be… HER… or me? Ultimately I realized it all came down to choices." DRIVERS SEAT …a time travelling manual … Continue reading It’s All About Choice

What You RESIST Presists! …follow this 👆🙏✨link "You cannot resist something to which you grant no reality. The act of resisting a thing is the act of granting it life. When you resist an enemy, you place it there. The more you resist, the more you make it real - whatever it is that you are resisting." Neale … Continue reading What You RESIST Presists!

SPECIAL Message of LOVE💙're a loving, beautiful person and today, like every day, should feel good for you💙 Let's reclaim this day, and make this a DAY OF LOVE for everyone! #waveoflove #thebestisyettocome 💙💙 We Love You

Gentle ENERGIZING Meditation 💖 You've been feeling so tired, so this is for you… a few minutes of peacefulness that will re-charge and revitalize you! 💛 Use it again and again… and feel the thriving effect offered you 💛💛 #waveofawesome #waveoflove We Love You #thebestisyettocome


Enjoy the whole episode👇✨ …this feeling of being trapped is an illusion, it's a byproduct of feeling the pull of your destiny! If you continued to feel comfortable, you'd never move… but suffering while you're here, in the midst of your own transformation, only prolongs the parts of this process that could take a "little … Continue reading Dream BIGGER🌼

Love the Life You Live💗Releasing Catastrophic Thinking came here to feel the completeness of you, and to finally start creating from a place of Clear Mind and Heart. You came here to live out a life that was open and filled with potential... and that is all that is happening here... as you let go of your worry, and finally … Continue reading Love the Life You Live💗Releasing Catastrophic Thinking

You’re Feeling SO Much ☀️ …I want to tell you something important, something you need to know… what you're feeling is real… all these sensations, thoughts, emotions… they're really going through you… as the whole World changes💛 Are you ready? 💛💛 We Love You#waveoflove #thebestisyettocome

BIG Energy Coming🌈Release Your Anger

...there's a wave of emotion pulsing through us all, as we are suddenly facing our own evolution and the feelings and sensations that go along with changing your point of view☀️ What emotion do we need to address first; ANGER... how do we rid ourselves from this destructive emotion? And answer the question "Why am … Continue reading BIG Energy Coming🌈Release Your Anger

It’s ALWAYS Been WITHIN YOU 🎶📯 Follow this link👆✨💙…you have what it takes to break free of your old habits and create what you want and need, but as long as you're still afraid of becoming that "old self" you still will have that internal fight that ultimately leads you away from the very feelings that would help you create … Continue reading It’s ALWAYS Been WITHIN YOU 🎶📯


...what if the only thing between you and your highest version of Self is a FEELING, and what if, all you ever need do, is to know that feeling and begin practicing the things that would create that feeling within you? Follow the link below to hear the whole episode 🐇 Are you ready … Continue reading Ignite Your SUPERPOWERS🌟