BIG Energy Coming🌈Release Your Anger

...there's a wave of emotion pulsing through us all, as we are suddenly facing our own evolution and the feelings and sensations that go along with changing your point of view☀️ What emotion do we need to address first; ANGER... how do we rid ourselves from this destructive emotion? And answer the question "Why am … Continue reading BIG Energy Coming🌈Release Your Anger

It’s ALWAYS Been WITHIN YOU 🎶📯 Follow this link👆✨💙…you have what it takes to break free of your old habits and create what you want and need, but as long as you're still afraid of becoming that "old self" you still will have that internal fight that ultimately leads you away from the very feelings that would help you create … Continue reading It’s ALWAYS Been WITHIN YOU 🎶📯


...what if the only thing between you and your highest version of Self is a FEELING, and what if, all you ever need do, is to know that feeling and begin practicing the things that would create that feeling within you? Follow the link below to hear the whole episode 🐇 Are you ready … Continue reading Ignite Your SUPERPOWERS🌟

Merry Christmas🌟

We wish you the very best, in this moment and in all to come!🌟

A Christmas Message for YOU🌟

…you have SO much to offer to those you love, so much more than any present could buy, and yet, for you to give fully from this infinite reservoir you must first feel satisfied and certain of who you are💗🌟 So love yourself lavishly from today and each day that follows, see things lightly and … Continue reading A Christmas Message for YOU🌟

Our TRUE Genealogy☯️The Ancestry of Energy

…today I would like to share a piece I Wrote-Channeled very early this morning, a piece that felt important to share with you. You've been feeling so much this past little while, and there has been so much to FEEL out there in the Collective Whole as well, that sometimes you can't even explain, or … Continue reading Our TRUE Genealogy☯️The Ancestry of Energy

SPECIAL READING!!🌟What Can I Do To Help?

✨…you currently stand in a powerful place, a time in your life where you have more "power" and "control" over yourself and how things will work out for you then ever before, but you're probably unaware of your own creative potential… so what can you do this shift this, and everything else forward, and start … Continue reading SPECIAL READING!!🌟What Can I Do To Help?

Fresh NEW Start💚Your Adventure Begins!

Today is the beginning of something new, of an adventure that is ongoing, and calling you forward! #waveoflove #waveoflight 💛💛🌈 #lovewins Today is a NEW day! ☀️

You Deserve Your Affection🧡

Have you heard this yet? 👇😇💛 Follow the above ✨😇👆 …positive changes are on the way, but if you're feeling overloaded, imbalanced or unsupported, you're far more likely to "freak out" or retreat into anxiety than fulfill that potential by embracing the idea as a truth, that POSITIVE CHANGES ARE ON THE WAY🌈 It's … Continue reading You Deserve Your Affection🧡

It’s OKAY to have a bad day💙

…we Love You, and we know that some days are harder than others, and that inspite of your best intentions, sometimes you just don't feel so great. But you're a powerful creator, and the Collective Whole benefits each time you come out, and up, from those difficult feelings💙You matter, and how you feel matters too, … Continue reading It’s OKAY to have a bad day💙