What is this high pitch sound I’m hearing?

Answer ♡ …the high pitch sound inside you ears is coming from 2 places… one, from the outside, as your’re picking up on the ‘tone’, the sound-frequency of the planet-sun-environment combo, as the overall frequency of the planet rises, from the unhearable to the now hearable range.

This is happening because the very planet we stand on is growing, and as the size-mass increases, so too does the frequency range of what is her-it’s new normal…

Secondly, you are hearing your OWN frequency, which is eminating from WITHIN you, that is also moving from an inaudible range to a more audible volume, and this is happening because as the surrounding environment changes, so too our bodies must change, and so, all those who are physically present, are rapidly advancing along higher and higher planes of octave… raising our consciousness as we evolve 🌍💗

You are hearing the sound of your own evolution ♡ #waveoflove

You are Evolving 🌍💗

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