More Incoming Energies!

Well friends, after 3 days of no data and all systems down, this is all that we can currently see 👆

However… if THIS is the only part that we’re being shown, how BIG are the other flares that they don’t want us to see???

🌈 all is well friends… just remeber that this is a FEELING process, and as such, you will definitely be feeling the sensations of this active energy in your body.

But it doesn’t have to be as painful as we make it…

🦋 rest when you need to

🦋 drink lots of water

🦋 actively tap and release any resistance that comes up in you, especially negative emotions and thought patterns

🦋 get outside, feet in the grass, stretch your body

🌈🦋🦋✨ and have some FUN, you came here, at this unique time, to have this very special experience… to advance in Consciousness while IN PHYSICAL FORM!

It’s a BIG DEAL, but you’re doing it, we’re all doing it!

Stay strong… stay present… tap like a mofo… and welcome in this new paradigm 🌎✨

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