Remember this one thing

When all else may feel unfavourable, turn to this ONE thing... you are safe... REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE... Love Made Real.Liberate yourself from any and all painful thoughts...Feel your own stability, your own sense of knowing that grows inside you as that calm voice of reason that uplifts you and gives you hope speaks to … Continue reading Remember this one thing

Reach for your tools now

This is definitely the time to turn to our've been practicing for this moment, this is why you discovered the tools you have, so that you would find your own stability in this, doing what you do, showing those that you love that you're safe, that they are safe and that there are ways … Continue reading Reach for your tools now

How to Get Comfortable With Change 

In order to get comfortable with the true awesomeness of change, you must first get comfortable with the feeling of making small changes. Fun practice! Try this... begin to make very small changes in your environment; move a candle, change which direction you cross your fingers as you're holding your hands, brush your teeth with … Continue reading How to Get Comfortable With Change 

Our Evolving Relationship with the Body 

The body is now AWARE and LISTENING intently to EVERYTHING we say and think about the World and especially about ourselves. It's time to develop a new dialogue with ourselves, with the very communities of cells that make up the totality of WHO WE ARE. aRELEASE YOURSELF FROM YOUR OWN JUDGMENT👉TAP on your forehead and … Continue reading Our Evolving Relationship with the Body 

Awaken The GIANT!

You, we, everyone has within them the power to accomplish ANY task. We call it the Sleeping Giant. The Sleeping Giant lives dormant in you until you are ready to summon it. You are its Master, only you can control it. Once tamed it will serve you and grant all your wishes, but, use caution, … Continue reading Awaken The GIANT!

Welcome to Our New World

What you now understand to be THE WORLD AROUND YOU is only the reflection of yesterdays thoughts, and so…it is already past you. For you have advanced to today, and in this new energy you will thrive, and survive, beyond all that you have set forth for yourself here on this physical side. Follow what … Continue reading Welcome to Our New World