Why am I feeling pain in my forehead?

Question ~ "I feel a tension band across my forehead, what could this be?" Response ♡ ...a neurological bridge, a change is happening, and the inner world is changing and circulating, and creating a new template of what is within you... hence, the entire body requires unconditional support at this time, forgiving all suppressed patterns … Continue reading Why am I feeling pain in my forehead?

Never Before Have We Experienced a Time Like This

https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=761438174753976&id=100026634017309&sfnsn=mo ✉💗From Letters to a beautiful friend… We mentioned it during the FeelingPath; in the past we may have evolved to a superior ability in our collective ability to create THINGS, monuments and gorgeous buildings that have withstood the test of time and are to this day, un-copyable… but not until this time have we … Continue reading Never Before Have We Experienced a Time Like This

Release Your Doubt, You’ve got this!

Sometimes you just have to trust that you've got this, that you are guiding and protecting yourself. You're just that good! It's time to Release 👏 Tap under the eyes and repeat after me…. "I now release myself from feeling afraid that I'm not guided and protected" "I now release myself from feeling afraid to … Continue reading Release Your Doubt, You’ve got this!

Release Your Fear of Creating

You are a good, kind person. Never fear your life, you are guided and protected. Tap on the top of your head and repeat after me… "I now release myself from feeling afraid of what I am creating" Now tap on your heart and feel-say these words… I am safeI am a good personI am … Continue reading Release Your Fear of Creating

Releasing Fear of Change

Dearest friends, if you find yourself up against changes that are confusing or tense, and things are changing faster then you believe you can handle… here is our technique to help you release that tension and stress. Begin by taping on the forehead following the natural 'baseball cap-line', which means tap on the forehead, then … Continue reading Releasing Fear of Change

Current Schumann Spike

...take a deep breath...If you're feeling better than ever, then you're in the right place physically and emotionally to welcome and integrate this incoming and surrounding 'living electricity' (as seen in the current Schumann resonance graph below).If, however, you find yourself in any state that may be causing you distress or pain, if you find … Continue reading Current Schumann Spike