Current Schumann Spike

…take a deep breath…

If you’re feeling better than ever, then you’re in the right place physically and emotionally to welcome and integrate this incoming and surrounding ‘living electricity’ (as seen in the current Schumann resonance graph below).

If, however, you find yourself in any state that may be causing you distress or pain, if you find yourself feeling more tense, or uncomfortable please remember that you’re going to be ok.

Drink lots of water, breathe deeply… OFTEN… and give yourself permission to move forward with this new energy… you’re going to be alright, we’re all going to be alright. So do your best to feel peaceful… let peaceful be your new resting place.

Be peaceful… because peace is what you are… and enjoy this… this grand evolution we are all undergoing.

Because even if you can’t explain why or how, you KNOW that something more is going on… you know… #waveoflove #remember #thebestisyettocome #schumann #evolution

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