Have You Ever Read a 5dbook?

Read it from front to back, or from the bottom to the top, whatever way you decide to read this, it will always have a beautiful connection to you... as it aligns with you through time 🤲💗

Current Schumann Spike

...take a deep breath...If you're feeling better than ever, then you're in the right place physically and emotionally to welcome and integrate this incoming and surrounding 'living electricity' (as seen in the current Schumann resonance graph below).If, however, you find yourself in any state that may be causing you distress or pain, if you find … Continue reading Current Schumann Spike

A Wave of Love for You 💙

Dearest friends... Know and be reassured, that this phase of our awakening will pass. We know that you are more than you still believe, because we feel you... right now... as you allow this connection to be... to exist. Know, and be reassured that this phase of our collective awakening will pass, and all shall … Continue reading A Wave of Love for You 💙

Current Pressure

Good morning friends... we want to show you a video that will show you the pressure on our planet right now... no fear, simply understanding, so you know why you may have a hard time breathing, and why everyone is experiencing the pain and discomfort right now in their bodies... You're safe... We're evolving... Keep … Continue reading Current Pressure

Current Solar Energy & Its Effects!

To give you a sense of 'why' you may be feeling 'depressed'...emotionally and physically exhausted, sore, nauseated and dizzy... all these things have a common source... and you're seeing part of it in this photo 🌍☀️ That tiny dot is our planet in proportion to our sun... as you can see, we're currently experiencing large … Continue reading Current Solar Energy & Its Effects!

The Best Is Yet To Come

We're going through so much lately... at times it seems like everything is being turned upside down. Some of you, especially the ones who are beginning to feel and understand collective energy, have felt the intensity and the depression-like feelings that come with it. #ItsTimeForAChangeYes... these are challenging times... but we must take this depression … Continue reading The Best Is Yet To Come