Current Solar Energy & Its Effects!

To give you a sense of ‘why’ you may be feeling ‘depressed’…emotionally and physically exhausted, sore, nauseated and dizzy… all these things have a common source… and you’re seeing part of it in this photo 🌍☀️

That tiny dot is our planet in proportion to our sun… as you can see, we’re currently experiencing large amounts of solar energy hitting the earth… it’s big enough that several real-time graphs have missing data, as you can see from the Russian Schumann resonance graph below.

All this means is that we’re actively, and quickly evolving… as each individual must adjust and adapt, both physically and emotionally, to this ongoing energy.

You are evolving.

You’re safe… especially when you reinforce to yourself that you’re ‘not dying’ because you feel the way you do.

Keep going, heart and eyes uplifted… and know the true nature of why you are here at this time 🌎🌈 #waveoflove #thebestisyettocome

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