Never Before Have We Experienced a Time Like This

✉💗From Letters to a beautiful friend…

We mentioned it during the FeelingPath; in the past we may have evolved to a superior ability in our collective ability to create THINGS, monuments and gorgeous buildings that have withstood the test of time and are to this day, un-copyable… but not until this time have we ever evolved so far, and so much, INWARDLY, as we are doing right now…

Never before in the time of all times, has there ever been a time, when so many of us can house the CHRISTLIGHT energy in our hearts, this highest of vibrancies that is the truest representation in frequency form of the Divine Nature we are.

This is the first time so many of us can carry that signal, and it is the first time that the planet-earth-mater has ever been as exquisitely trained-linked to us, and us to her…

This is the first time that the inner evolution of Hu-kind is exceeding its exterior, and in that way, soon, one day, we will finally be whole… en-mass, more of us then ever before… and this will be a loving planet indeed.


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