What if… Is it possible we live in a Binary Star System?

We'd like to present an idea to you… a potential WHAT IF? ✨ What if… we live in a BINARY star system, which means,What if WE HAVE 2 SUNS? ☀️☀️ What if, we always used to know this, but because the 2nd, bigger sun, has a VERY long cycle (between 25,000 - 28,000 years) we … Continue reading What if… Is it possible we live in a Binary Star System?

Our New World 🌏🌈

QUESTION"What would an enlightened sustainable world look like-our thinking & actions, taking responsibility?" ANSWER…this new world is built on compassion, understanding, wisdom, love and a deep sense of inner unity as each individual recognizes the innate blueprint, the Source of What-Is, within every other… and who honour our uniqueness because of that common center. In … Continue reading Our New World 🌏🌈

Welcome to Monday 🌍🌈Let’s do it together!

Here's an idea… What if, we all choose something to release ourselves from… and on Monday, June 14th, we all do our own individual technique or ritual, and release on a GRAND SCALE… relieving Collective pressure, and shifting our unique experience 🌈🌍❤💜💙💚💛 ❤Separately, yet very much together!! Sending love to the whole world🌈 Love in … Continue reading Welcome to Monday 🌍🌈Let’s do it together!

Announcing Our Big Winner & an Important MESSAGE🌈❤

https://www.facebook.com/GiveUpPainNow/videos/522006409156637/?sfnsn=mo Announcing our DRIVERS SEAT Winner and a Loving Message from Kasia; “I want to talk to you about the energies we’re all feeling, and how to best move forward through them with clarity, intention, and as little pain as possible" ❤

It’s Happening♡🌈

https://youtu.be/6oIUdpXkQXg 💚🌿 you are an intergal part of nature… your existance is perfection of Being… release yourself from your need to reach some invisible goal, and allow yourself to fully BE ♡ …and from the stillness, let inspiration guide you🌈✨ Enjoy these words… feel the upliftment of your own potential 🦋