Second Video – Events Are Lining Up!

Here is the second video… again, take a deep breath, nothing to fear, simply allow what is already inherently there… we are designed for this process, and with it we become the best of ourselves 🌍🗝💛

This is the link to the video below 👇🗝💗

If you find this relevant and it aligned with you, share it with those who you feel may also benefit from knowing this…

Eventually it will touch us all, in one way or another… the world is already more different than it used to be, and we’re to far into this process to deny that things aren’t changing.

But its time to meet these changes with optimism 🌸 and a deep sense of love for life, planet and each other.

Welcome all that comes with an open heart, and let love guide you.

With our love,

🦋 Kasia and Danny 🦋

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