It’s Okay to have a bad day

“I’m depressed again and want to go off the planet 🌎”

Dearest friends, yes, we can feel the tension in the Collective as well, the sky is clear, but we aren’t yet… and much still has to shift in that more “physical world” before we feel a relief within and are able to hold it there…

Think of it this way, you feel the off-ness because you’re a BIG LOVE, and people who are big loves feel a lot, so when there’s suffering in the world, when children are still in pain, and families go hungry and cold, a part of our big hearts FEELS this, because we love so much…

So take heart, take each day separately, and find whatever small things you can feel grateful for… it doesn’t matter how “small” everyone and everything matters 🌏🌈💗

This is a dynamic and oftentimes, difficult time… but this is ALSO the time to dive deep, and consistantly turn to the tools that work for you…

TAP and release yourself from your own resistance to change…

“I now release myself from resisting my own changes”

TAP and release yourself from feeling afraid and powerless in determining your future…

“I now release myself from feeling afraid of my own creating”

“I now release myself from feeling powerless to create my OWN future”

TAP and release yourself from your own Self Destruct Button…

“I now release myself from all subconscious and subliminal programs that keep me Self Destructing”

“I now release myself from my self destruct button”

“I now release myself from my need to sabotage and self destruct”






A lot of people are feeling this way, but the thing to do here, is to feel it but not be overtaken-moved by it…

It’s safe to have a bad day, and it doesn’t mean you have to give the whole thing up… this is a beautiful game we’re-you’re playing, and the faster you come into alignment with this, the faster you will feel overall relief 🙏💜

🦋🦋✨💛✨ We Love You 🌈#waveoflove

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