Hold tight just a little bit longer!

Written to a beautiful friend… I wanted to share 💕

Dearest beautiful soul💕 hold tight, just a little bit longer… we’re in the good universe now. The uncomfortable sensations you’ve felt will pass… and as they do, a new you will emerge… a you that is in line with this new, active energy.

The wave of nausea was real; felt in the Collective, in each individual, in SOME way… some, taking as much of that Collective suffering as they can physically handle… but the time for suffering is all but done… and we say, all but done, because there is still a part in each one of us that believes we have to suffer… that suffering brings us closer to divinity…

Yet that is a philosophy from an old paradigm, a world that no longer supported us. So please release, tap and release, anything that hurts you, whether it be a pain in your body or a pain in your heart… release it and let it go, let it go with the sure knowing that as you do, the new energy that surrounds you… THAT IS YOU… will fill you, and sustain you, and help you to become the best version of yourself you have yet to be 💗💕💖✨#waveoflove

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