The Growing Pains of Leaving Anger Behind 💛💛 We Love You #waveoflove #youmatter #thebestisyettocome


Enjoy the whole episode👇✨ …this feeling of being trapped is an illusion, it's a byproduct of feeling the pull of your destiny! If you continued to feel comfortable, you'd never move… but suffering while you're here, in the midst of your own transformation, only prolongs the parts of this process that could take a "little … Continue reading Dream BIGGER🌼

Events Are Lining Up!

👋 hi everyone… as many of you can already feel in your bodies, there are some big changes happening to us, and around us. I'd like to share the following video, and encourage you to listen with an open heart… changes are upon us, and none can now deny that things are indeed changing. This … Continue reading Events Are Lining Up!