What You RESIST Presists!

https://open.spotify.com/episode/5ZEo27ab22AvTPUfCazH6R?si=lmKQmjYeST6bJrIk3Nki8Q&utm_source=copy-link …follow this 👆🙏✨link "You cannot resist something to which you grant no reality. The act of resisting a thing is the act of granting it life. When you resist an enemy, you place it there. The more you resist, the more you make it real - whatever it is that you are resisting." Neale … Continue reading What You RESIST Presists!

BIG Energy Coming🌈Release Your Anger

...there's a wave of emotion pulsing through us all, as we are suddenly facing our own evolution and the feelings and sensations that go along with changing your point of view☀️ What emotion do we need to address first; ANGER... how do we rid ourselves from this destructive emotion? And answer the question "Why am … Continue reading BIG Energy Coming🌈Release Your Anger